The Carnival Family

If you’ve ever wondered how Carnival happens each year, wonder no more! 

Please meet our wonderful Carnival Family AKA the Carnival Committee (we realise there is not as many people as you thought who organise Carnival!)


Carni Croc – ‘Top Croc’  The Boss!

Carni overseas everything we do! And loves a good hug as much as he loves Carnival!

Carni braves the elements (sun, wind, rain and snow!) to promote the Carnival and to meet, greet and joke around with all of the Carnival followers (Committee tip: If you every want Carni Croc at your event drop us an email here and we will check his diary for you!)

Sam McBrearty – Co-Chair

Emma Sweet-Roe – Co-Chair

Sarah Brandon – Secretary and Parade Co-ordinator

Steve Miller – Treasurer

Matt Soulsby – Music Co-ordinator

Julia Booden – Programme, Gates and Volunteers Co-ordinator

Richard Cole – Field Co-ordinator

Mike Langford – Classic Cars Co-ordinator

Wendy Miller – Stalls Co-ordinator

Jamie Lawrence – Commitee Member

Robin Maclean – Ducks Co-ordinator

Michelle Carter – Carnival Court Co-ordintor

Denise Crook – Carnival Court Co-ordinator

Daniel Notridge – Committee Member

Alex Wesley – Music Co-ordinator

Clare McNeaney – Food and Beverages Co-ordinator and Necessities

Mark Sherry – Committee Member

David Rainbow – Committee Member

Lisa Egan – Committee Member

Kirsty Weatherspoon – Committee Member

Paul Hazel – Committee Member


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