There’s a time and a pace for sponsorship: And it’s now! 

Running the carnival is a lot like running a race. It feels like ages away, yet arrives quicker than you’d imagined, there’s lots of prep, the day itself is hot and sweaty (hopefully!), and the fundraising finish line is so close yet oh-so far. 

We’re constantly trying to think up new and exciting ways to fundraise for Newport Pagnell Carnival, whilst also achieving what we stand for: community spirit. And since running the carnival is so much like running a race, we thought, why not combine the two!

So, for 2018, we’re welcoming the very first Newport Pagnell Carnival, virtual run! 58miles or Kilometers (your choice), in 58 days to celebrate 58 years of the carnival. All the gory details will be released soon enough but first off we’re looking for sponsorship ourselves. 

The lucky sponsor will appear on all advertising relating to the virtual run and believe us, there will be a lot. They will also receive shout-outs in our social media posts and blog pieces and that’s not all. 

All successful entrants, upon completing their distance, will receive a bespoke, 2018 Newport Pagnell Carnival medal (it’s all about the bling!) and our lovely sponsor will have their logo appearing on the most integral part to the medal – the ribbon!

And we couldn’t forget the little ones. There will also be a children’s option (without a set distance to complete) so that those little trainers can pound the streets too, to earn that sought-after medal.

For more details about sponsoring this fantastic event, please contact (or get someone who you think might be interested to contact) Courtney Foster at but be quick, we’re expecting this opportunity to be lapped up soon!

The Carnival Committee

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