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Girls…it’s that time of year again!

Her Royal Highness might be celebrating her Sapphire Jubilee this year but that’s nothing compared to the jam-packed year our very own royals have had! They’ve been to:

Wellingborough Carnival, Nuneaton Carnival, Corby Carnival, Irchester Carnival, Irthlingborough Carnival, selection nights across the region, the Miss South Midlands Competition, Newport Pagnell Christmas Lights, Castlemead Care House and Green Park School Fete. And they’re not stopping there – with both the Irchster Gala and Corby Selections to attend before their year is out.

Attending all these events, raising awareness of Newport Pagnell, helping the local community and raising money for charity is what these girls’ year has all been about.

Sound like fun? You bet! If you want to become 2017’s Carnival Court Queen or Princess then get yourself down to the selection evening on Friday 03 March 2017 at Newport Pagnell Working Men’s Club. Full details below:

Carnival Court Selection 2017

It was acceptable in the 80s…

1984 might not sound long ago but it’s the year that:

  • The first Apple Macintosh went on sale (core blimey!);
  • Pound notes were taken out of circulation;
  • Madonna was made to feel shiny and new;
  • Snakeskin belts were in fashion; and
  • Prince Harry, Gareth Gates and Mark Zuckerberg all entered this world.

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