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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

It’s Facebook-relationship-status official…Newport Pagnell Carnival and MKFM have become partners!

It is said tMKFMhat up to a fifth of relationships begin in the workplace and who are we to go against statistics?! Since the Carnival and MKFM began working with each other, people have talked, rumours have flown and today that love has been formally recognised with an exciting new partnership.

The joining of forces will see local radio station MKFM feature exclusive carnival interviews, news, soundbites and adverts, as well as them hosting and promoting the whole weekend.

And, to make things even more ‘maybe-we-should-buy-a-hat’ official, MKFM will be bringing their brand new tour bus to the Carnival weekend, which features the Carnival logo and mascot, Carni Croc.

So, celebrate love by making sure that 106.3 is tuned into your radio station from Monday 23 May, to hear Niki and Sam talk about the Carnival and that the 25 and 26 June is blocked out of your diary so you can congratulate us in person!

The loved-up Carnival Committee