Newport Pagnell Carnival Stall Holder – Terms & Conditions

The Carnival Committee is run by a group of volunteers, in their spare time and around their full-time work and commitments. When contacting members of the committee please be patient and bear this in mind – we will respond to all queries as soon as we possibly can. 

Stall Information Pack 

  1. Please visit our website and download the Stall Information Pack, designed to help you get the most out of the Carnival weekend and give you the need-to-know, as well as the nice-to-know.  


2. Completed forms should be submitted on

3. Stall space cannot be reserved until both the completed form has been submitted and payment has been received.  

4. Forms must be returned by XXX. Any applications received after this date must first be confirmed by telephone on 07709122116, 07515497564 or email at  

5. Your pitch number and allotted set-up time will be emailed to you 1 week before the carnival.


6. All stall payments are non-refundable. This term applies even in the event of: 

6.1. You being unable to attend the Carnival for any reason.

6.2. The Carnival being unable to run as planned, for any reason.  

7. 2017 fees are as follows:  

7.1. Saturday Commercial 3mx3m Stall space £30 

7.2. Saturday Charity 3mx3m stall space £15 

7.3 Sunday 3mx3m stall space £10 

8. A cheque must be submitted along with your application. No stall space can be reserved without the full payment of fees.  

9. Cheques should be made payable to Newport Pagnell Carnival and sent to NP Carnival Stalls, 31 Lawrence Walk, Newport Pagnell, MK16 8RF.  


10. Pitch space is 3×3 metres and can be purchased in multiple plots, with prior agreement.  

11. All stall equipment and accessories must fit within the purchased space. If it does not you will be charged for the additional space.  

12. Newport Pagnell Carnival is unable to provide any additional equipment, such as tables or gazebos.  

13. Generators of any kind are not permitted.  

Stall Types 

14. It is vital that you give an adequate stall description on the form. We will do our best to place similar stalls apart but there is no guarantee of this, especially if you book a stall later or arrive outside of your allotted setup time.  

15. Charity stalls cover any charity or not for profit groups, for example fundraising, community groups and voluntary groups etc. All other stalls will be classified as commercial. If you are in any doubt please contact us.  

16. We do not guarantee stall exclusivity of any kind.  

17. It is vital that you declare any intention to sell food or beverages to before proceeding with your booking. 

18. Selling food or beverages will place your stall under different rules and requirements. Anyone found to be selling food or drinks without previously declaring so will be asked to immediately remove themselves from the field.  


19. The gates for stallholders will be open between 08:30 am and 11:00am Saturday and 09:30 am and 11:00 am Sunday. You will be provided with a 15 minute allotted arrival period between these times. Please do not arrive prior to your timeslot as you will not be allowed onto the field. If you arrive after your time slot you will lose you allocated pitch space and will be asked to wait until the final timeslot to set up.  

20. Stallholders must remain on their pitch for duration of the day until 17.30 Saturday and 16:00 Sunday, or until the Carnival Committee (with the police) deem it safe to move. This is to ensure the safety of visitors to the Carnival and it must be adhered to. Anyone attempting to move or pack away their stall prior to this will be reported and may have their application rejected in the future. Please note that this term applies regardless of weather.  

21. For your information the times of the carnival will be as follows: Saturday 12:00 – 18:00 and Sunday 12:00-16:00. 


22. Only one car per stall is permitted to enter the field. The committee will do its best to enable you to park behind your stall, within the allocated space, however this cannot be guaranteed and you may be asked to leave your car in the allotted parking area. No vans or large vehicles are permitted to stay on the field.  

23. You must declare the registration of the vehicle that is to remain stationary on the field, on the form.  

24. We are prohibited by the Police, for public access reasons, from allowing any vehicles to enter after 11.30, or for any vehicles to move prior to 17:30 (or until the Carnival Committee and police deem it safe to do so). Anyone attempting to move their vehicle between 11:30-17:30 will be reported to the police and will have future applications rejected. Please note that this term applies regardless of weather.  

25. Stall holders are asked to assess the weather and the appropriateness of their vehicles prior to entering the field. Newport Pagnell Carnival Committee cannot control the weather and as such will hold no responsibility for property or vehicle damage caused by the weather.  


26. All Stall holders are required to be responsible for litter generated by their stalls and it is expected that their area is left clear. Please bring your own bin bags and leave rubbish in designated bins on the field. 


27.Newport Pagnell Carnival is run by a committee of volunteers. We will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse before, during or after the carnival. Anyone who is deemed to be acting against the spirit of the carnival (either to a committee member, another stallholder or to a member of the public), will have their application declined, be asked to leave the carnival and/or have all future applications rejected.   


28. If you have any feedback please send it to Please do remember that the carnival is run by a committee of volunteers, who do their best to please everybody on the day.