It’s Not Easy Being A Princess…But if the Crown Fits!

It’s the Carnival Court selection evening on Friday 04 March & who better to tell us all the ins & outs (& insider tips) than two from the royal court itself. So over to you Ella & Grace…

Three words – go…
G – Amazing, fun & exciting.

E – Fun, exciting & memorable.

What’s involved?
G – A lot of amazing experiences. You’ll meet so many people, go to other carnivals (Newport’s being the best, of course!)…it’s impossible to not enjoy.

E – I turned up to the selection evening in ripped jeans & an old top. & then I burst into tears when I saw that 2016 Selection (image)all of the other girls looked stunning in their dresses. Michelle told me that it wasn’t about what I was wearing or what I looked like; it was about me as a person. On the selection evening, you’ll have to answer questions about your hobbies & what you love – it’s all about personability & not looks at all.

What happened that you weren’t expecting?
G – Confidence. I learnt how to make new friends & talk to new people without feeling afraid or awkward.

E – Travelling all of the U.K., meeting lots of new people & making memories.

Funniest memory of the year
G – The whole year is full of funny memories but my funniest was coming up with our own dance (the best dance!) on the float.

E- Kettering Carnival. Reggae, Range Rovers & McDonalds. Need I say more!?

And for those who think it’s just dresses & tiaras…
G – You’re totally wrong. Yes we wear dresses & yes we have tiaras but there’s so much more behind it. We go to events, meet people & raise money for charities…the dresses & tiaras are just a nice addition.

E – They’re just a small part of a very big experience.

There must be some bad parts – go on, spill the beans…
G – The hardest part is dealing with the heat in the summer (that’s when the dresses & tiaras aren’t as much fun) but you learn how to deal with it & you soon forget once the fun starts.

E – The hardest part is maintaining the high level of commitment throughout the year. Being a Carnival Queen or Princess will affect your plans & your life & so you must be sure that you can (& want to) fully commit yourself because you’re in it for the full year, not just when you want.

So you won’t miss the heat – but what will you miss?
G – The people.

E – My second family.

Any tips for the selection evening…
G – Be yourself (even if you embarrass yourself by saying something funny…that’s good!), be confident & don’t be nervous because you honestly don’t need to be.

E – Be confident & be yourself. Answer the questions truthfully & stand up straight.

Ok, ok – we’re sold! So any final words of wisdom?
G – Just. do. you. You’ll have an amazing time, with amazing people. Enjoy!

E – Always remember that if you don’t manage to get through this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t audition again next year AND there’s always room to participate in Newport Pagnell Carnival.

Thanks girls. Sounds like a blast. So, now that you’re fully sold on entering the selection evening, or entering someone you know, click here to find out how.

The Carnival Committee

Oh, p.s. what’s Michelle really like?
G – Funny, lovely & supportive. Oh, & the tightest dress doer upper ever. But also the best chaperone ever.

E – The funniest, caring & most
understanding person I have ever met. She is the best person to talk to – unless she’s done up your dress…then you’re lucky if you can breathe let alone talk! She is definitely the best chaperone ever.

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