Get a Pizza this!

Our 2017 travel and transport theme isn’t just restricted to the parade – oh no. We’re currying it on right the way through the weekend with some international travel over on Riverside Meadow.

New for 2017 we’ll be bringing India to you (and guaranteeing at least some sort of heat), with a curry van!

Not your thing? No problemo, we’ve got America on the doorstep with our trusted burgers and hot dawgs, as well as the usual and delicious hog roast, finished off with ice cream (of course!).

And, because it went down so well last year, the Mexican food van will be returning once again. Taco-bout options – we won’t know where to start.

But that not’s all – nope, on Sunday we’ve managed to top that and bring you a….pizza van – cowabunga dude! We can’t think of a slicer way to end the weekend.

Anyway, that’s enough with the cheesy puns and food talk – we’re getting hungry.

So make sure you head over to Riverside Meadow following both Saturday and Sunday’s parades (08 and 09 July 2017) to take a culinary trip around the world.

The Carnival Committee

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