It was acceptable in the 80s…

1984 might not sound long ago but it’s the year that:

  • The first Apple Macintosh went on sale (core blimey!);
  • Pound notes were taken out of circulation;
  • Madonna was made to feel shiny and new;
  • Snakeskin belts were in fashion; and
  • Prince Harry, Gareth Gates and Mark Zuckerberg all entered this world.

Making you feel old yet? How about this…9 members of today’s Carnival committee weren’t even born (*gasp*).

1984 was also the year that the Carnival increased its entry fee to £1 for adults and 50p for children/OAPs; cheaper than the £1.54 you needed for a Big Mac.

A lot has happened since then:

  • Prince Harry got cute(r);
  • Madonna got married. And divorced. And married again. And divorced, again;
  • Snakeskin is now reserved for snakes; and
  • And Big Mac costs a whopper at £3.09.

However, some things haven’t changed, one of those being the Carnival entry price. For 32 years we have worked hard to keep the Carnival accessible to all and used fund-raising, clever thinking and charm to supplement your entry fees, despite the running costs increasing quicker than Gareth Gates’ time in the spotlight.

But following a rainy-day carnival last year, our rainy-day fund isn’t so gushing and we have taken the difficult decision to raise the entry fee to £2 per adult and £1 for children/OAPs – a 3 pence increase per year since the golden days of 1984.

It’s taken a lot for us to make this decision – three years of discussions, several committee votes and a sample “what would you be willing to pay” questionnaire to be exact – But with a funfair, stalls, food vans, all-day-long entertainment, a music stage and lots more, we think £2 is a bargain. Plus it means that we can keep the Sunday funday free and ultimately it means that we can keep the carnival going; allowing the community to get together and raise much-needed funds for causes close to their hearts.

Price increases are never an easy thing to announce but we hope that you fully understand and support our reasons why.

Thank you,

From a Carnival that surely doesn’t look old enough to even remember 1984!

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