When asked if we could fit in a Mexican food stall at the Carnival…

…We  responded saying there’s nothing to taco about – we’re a bunch of Mexicans, not Mexican’ts ! Plus fitting things onto the field is nacho problem…it’s Dave’s.10347788_10153046759089059_6821405157277824898_n

Everyone knows a Dave. Everyone knows a yes-man. Our Dave is not only a Dave; he’s also a yes man. And he’s a man with a plan. A field plan.

We love Dave because no matter what we bring to the Carnival committee table, his response to “but will we have room?” is always met with “Of course” and although there are some side-glances and whispers of “are you sure!?”, he always fits it in. And this is good because we can have new things, like Mexican food, circus workshops and penalty shoot-outs AND we can keep the old things that you love, like the hog roast, funfair and ice cream vans (which yes-man-Dave has been known to drive).

So, here’s to Dave – our field-planning, ice-cream-van-driving, yes-man, who-can man. If you’re wondering what Dave has managed to fit in this year, check out the programme for a full list (including Mexican food!)

In the words of Nickelback:

Dave…I’ll have a quesadilla!

p.s. We’re still taking stall bookings – get your applications in quick though because there’s not much time left! (clicky here).

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