Carnival Court Selection Evening

With less than a week to go until the Carnival Court selection evening (03 March!), we’ve asked Cadee, Zara and Charlotte to dish the dirt on this year’s Court. Over to you girls:

Describe your year in one word…
Cadee: Memorable
Zara: Wonderful
Charlotte: Privileged

Sounds fab – what was your favourite part?
Cadee: Visiting Castlemead residential home at Christmas, definitely; it was lovely making the residents smile.

And the funniest?
Zara: Definitely my mum towing the carnival court float!

What are you going to miss the most?
Cadee: I’m going to definitely miss the Court. And Michelle. And all of the friends we made from the other Carnival Courts.

There must be something that you’re not going to miss…
Cadee: The long car journeys.
Zara: And the wet weather!

 So what can this year’s Queen and Princesses expect to gain?
Cadee: Confidence! Being a part of the Carnival Court is a great experience – you’ll go to lots of events in and out of town, make tonnes of new friends and you get to wear a lovely dress! 

And your top tips for this year’s entries?
Cadee: Smile, speak clearly, be yourself and enjoy it!

Any final words of wisdom?
Charlotte: This has been an amazing year and I won’t forget it. Michelle has been wonderful, kind and supportive and I will miss her and the girls. To anyone thinking of doing it: enjoy every moment because before you know it, it will be over!

 Thanks girls, it sounds like a blast! If you’re interested in entering this year’s Carnival Court selection evening, all the details are below. We’ll see you there!

Carnival Court Selection 2017

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