Get In My Belly!

This year’s carnival weekend is so busy that we’ve put on extra food just to fuel you (and us). Riverside Meadow will showcase a delicious selection of food and drink vans, trucks and trailers to satisfy even the pickiest of bellies. 

Victoria’s Burgers, Sausages and Hog Roast

Suns out, buns out – every year Victoria brings us the finest carnival burgers, sausages and hog-filled baps. With lashings of ketchup, applesauce and relish, this is a van you’ll want to make a visit or two to.

Central Jerk

Arrrrrrrre you ready to join the queue for this one? Serving the finest Caribbean food this side of the island, this is something you have to sea.

Giuseppe’s Pizzeria

Cheesus crust, we very nearly didn’t have pizza this year but knowing this wasn’t an option, our food store man pulled out all the stops to make sure pizza got a slice of the action.


You mexican’t miss this one. Now a carnival staple, we’ll be getting spicy with Sharon and her tacos, fajitas and jalapenos.


Back for 2018 and ensuring some kind of heat will appear over the Carnival weekend, will be the curry van.

Sweet Tweets

Flying saucers, fizzy cola bottles, jelly snakes…we’ll be eating them all over at the Sweet Tweets sweet stall.

Slushies & Doughnuts

What we’d do without this stall, we doughnut know.  A carnival favourite – it wouldn’t be carnival weekend without a bag full of sugary dough in one hand and a luminous blue slushie in the other.

Jacket Potatoes

Apeeling to everyone, we’ve got a new-for-2018 spud van visiting Riverside Meadow, with a selection of jackets and fillings.

Sausage Rolls

We did tell you we were on a roll with the food choices. A British favourite, you’ll be able to pick up a juicy sausage role for a quick snack.

Coffee and Crepes

Just how did we manage to get so much food – some would call it increpable. Coffees and crepes will be available all weekend for an afternoon pick me up.

Soft Whip

One flake or two – our ice cream vans are packed and ready to supply a whole weekend’s worth of cones, lollies and chocolate sauce – or do you prefer strawberry?

Beer Tent & Bar

What’s a great selection of food, without something to wash it down with? Back with his selection of beers, ciders, wines and spirits, will be our favourite traveling barman – Tom.

Anyway, that’s enough with the cheesy puns and food talk – we’re getting hungry.

Make sure you head over to Riverside Meadow following both Saturday and Sunday’s parades (07 and 08 July 2018) to take a culinary trip around the field.

The Carnival Committee


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