Let us pull up a chair, as Newport Pagnell Carnival proudly presents…your committee…

Newport Pagnell Carnival Committee 2015It’s getting cold, the nights are dark, the rain is here, the frost is around the corner…it’s a good job we have some exciting news for you.

Tuesday 27 October was National American Beer day AND the Carnival AGM…I don’t know what we were more excited about.

Goodbyes – Sadly we said goodbye to two
hardworking volunteers: Hazel West and Laura Cooper. Both have been an invaluable part of the committee over the last few years and they will be very much missed – but both have promised to help out where they can (and we’ll hold them to it!). So thank you girls – a lot.

Hellos – Excitingly we said hello to nine new volunteers. Yes, nine! We rely heavily on volunteers and so was very happy to see brand-new faces at the AGM in October. After the initial lack-of-chair panic, the new members were quickly welcomed, appointed roles and given tasks….you’re gonna love it.

Down-to-Business – So now, we can officially announce the 2016 appointed Carnival Committee members and roles:

Chair – Sam Miller (re-elected)
Vice-Chair – Dave Cox (re-elected)
Treasurer – Lisa (re-elected)
Secretary – Mary Rose Carman
Parade Coordinator – Michelle Carter (re-elected), Sarah Brandon, Nadia Neale
Field Coordinator – Dave Cox (re-elected), Jamie Lawrence, Kyle Abraham
Stall Co-ordinator – Becca Miller (re-elected), Vicki Broatch
Food & Beverage Coordinator – Sam Miller (re-elected)
Necessities – Wendy Egan (re-elected)
Main Arena Entertainment – Denise Crouch
Classic Car Rally – Mike Langford (re-elected)
Duck Races Coordinator – Julia Booden, Andy Crouch
Fund Raising Sub-Committee – Sam Miller, Becca Miller, Niki Tibble, Mat Soulsby, Julia Booden
Press & Public Relations – Niki Tibble (re-elected)
Programmes – Niki Tibble
Road Closure Coordinator – Michelle Carter, Daniel Notridge
Music Stage – Mat Soulsby (re-elected)
Gate Coordinator – Mary Rose Carman
On-the-day helpers – Wendy Miller, Julie Abraham

Phew – that was a lot to announce. So, all-in-all I think the AGM won; but national beer day was appreciated too…

Newport Pagnell Carnival Committee - Beer Tent
Newport Pagnell Carnival Committee – Beer Tent

The 2016 committee will be at the Newport Pagnell Christmas Lights switch-on, fundraising at the Carnival stall – so make sure you come along and say hello – Saturday 28 November.

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