2016 Main Arena Entertainment is here…

& it looks a bit good.

Like us, you might have been wondering just how the Carnival Committee were going to match the glitz and glamour of 2015. We had not one, not two, but three(!) celebrities and a world record-breaking strongman. And his world record-breaking mate.

Believe us when we say that you haven’t been alone in the sleepless nights.

But we’re a can-do, glass-and-a-half-full, don’t-stop-me-now kind of committee…and like you’d hoped, we’ve pulled it out of the bag. So please, let us announce our 2016 main arena entertainment. Here you go…

Featuring  the recent World and European Junior Motorbike Trials Champion Alexz Wigg, former freestyle mountain bike British Champion & World Cup Winner Chris Doney, and one of the country’s finest street trials riders Andy P,  we bring you

Zero Gravity Motorbike and Mountain Bike stunt team

Zero Gravity 0

Showcasing an extravaganza of freestyle riding that negotiates terrifying ramps, gut-wrenching balance tables & peeking-behind-your-fingers narrow beams, the Zero Gravity Motorbike & Mountain Bike stunt team are ready to test their, and your, nerves to the absolute limit!

So, if you haven’t already done so, block the 25th (& 26th) June out of your diaries and sit tight for some more weekend announcements – what, you didn’t think that was it did you!?

Big loves,

The Carnival Committee

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