Road Marshalls

‘Road’ – An (often) smooth surface used by people and cars to get from A to B. Invented by the Romans, when they weren’t busy shopping for golden sandals.

‘Marshall’ – Surname of Jim, the Father of Loud; or an Officer of the highest rank.

‘Newport Pagnell Road Marshalls’ – An integral part of the Carnival weekend, without who the parade would not be able to travel on the above-mentioned road to make the Romans, and Newport Pagnell, proud.

The Carnival parade travels 2.1 miles from Tanners Drive to Riverside Meadow. For many that means 2.1 miles of walking, blowing a trumpet, zumba-ing, bucket shaking and squirting water pistols. Or if you’re Carni Croc, 2.1 miles of being chauffeured in an
Aston…lucky chap!

It also means 34 road junctions, 8 roundabouts, 4 sets of traffic lights and 1 zebra crossing. In other words, our parade would not happen if it wasn’t for 54 wonderful, generous and community giving road marshalls and now we’re on the lookout for our 2015 road marshaling superstars!


“What do I get for being a road marshal?”
You get to look very important, wear a hi-vis jacket (sponsored by Smiths Skips), get an exclusive ‘2017 Carnival Volunteer’ badge, free entry into the field afterward AND you get to play an essential part of the Carnival weekend! Plus you can put this on your CV/LinkedIn/Facebook/family newsletter.

“What qualifications do I need?”
Over 17 and call pull off the hi-vis jacket look? You’re in!

“Do I need to attend hours of training?”
No! All we ask is that you come along to Riverside Meadow the evening before where you will receive your jacket, a briefing on what to do on the day and an information pack. And you get to meet us.

“How long am I needed?”
You will need to be on your road junction from 11.30am until the Parade has gone past (approximately between 12.30-1pm).

“That sounds great – Why on Earth would I not volunteer?”
That’s what we think. If you’re going to be watching the parade anyway, why not do it on a junction, wearing a hi-vis jacket and telling IMG_3680the occasional car that they can’t use the above-mentioned road for a little while, but that they can stay and enjoy the parade or turn around. You can give them our definitions of roads and marshals above if you want, but we’d much rather you turned back around and enjoyed the parade. You then get to brag to family and friends that the Carnival Parade would not have left Tanners Drive if it wasn’t for you…and not many people get to say that!

If you would like to volunteer to be one of our 2018 road marshalls please contact us at

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