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There’s a time and a pace for sponsorship: And it’s now! 

Running the carnival is a lot like running a race. It feels like ages away, yet arrives quicker than you’d imagined, there’s lots of prep, the day itself is hot and sweaty (hopefully!), and the fundraising finish line is so close yet oh-so far.  Continue reading There’s a time and a pace for sponsorship: And it’s now! 

And the Winners Are: The 2018 Newport Pagnell Carnival Committee Is Announced

The votes have been counted, verified, agreed, seconded, thirded – you name, we did it and we can officially confirm the 2018 Carnival Committee as…

Monday night’s AGM (lovingly sponsored by biscuits from the old Somerfield Coop) saw the old Carnival committee step down (*sob*) and the new Carnival committee get elected (yay):

Chair: Sam Miller (phew!)
Vice-Chair: Sarah Brandon
Treasurer: Wendy Egan
Secretary: Denise Crouch

Carnival Court: Michelle Carter and Dee Crook
Classic Car Rally: Mike Langford
Duck Races Coordinator: Julia Booden and Andy Crouch
Field Coordinator: Richard Cole and Andy Crouch
Food & Beverage Stall Coordinator: Kyle Abraham
Gate Coordinator: Julie Abraham, Dave Cox andWendy Egan
Main Arena Entertainment: Denise Crouch
Music Stage: Mathew Soulsby
Necessities: Wendy Egan
Parade Coordinator: Sarah Brandon
Programmes: Niki Tibble
Road Closure Coordinator: Wendy Egan, Kyle Abraham and Daniel Notridge
Sponsorship Coordinator – Courtney Foster
Stall Coordinator: Wendy Miller and Julie Abraham
On the day helpers: Jamie Lawrence  and Stephen Miller (and everyone else!)
Press, Public Relations and Website:: Niki Tibble (sorry, you have yet another year of terrible puns!)
And last but not least…Mascot:: Carni Croc!You may notice some new names amongst that humongous list and also our new role: Sponsorship coordinator – it was all very, very exciting on Monday evening.We also sadly said goodbye to some long serving (and short serving) members of the committee and we hope you’ll join us in thanking them for their hard, hard work over the years:

Mary Rose, Becca and Alex – you’ll all be missed.

So let’s hear it for the new committee – you’re all gonna be fab! If you need to contact any of the committee, please do so via the contact us options at the top of our website. 


It was acceptable in the 80s…

1984 might not sound long ago but it’s the year that:

  • The first Apple Macintosh went on sale (core blimey!);
  • Pound notes were taken out of circulation;
  • Madonna was made to feel shiny and new;
  • Snakeskin belts were in fashion; and
  • Prince Harry, Gareth Gates and Mark Zuckerberg all entered this world.

Continue reading It was acceptable in the 80s…